We wear earphones, to create more noise
Walking along the once quiet road, now noisy
Teeming with cars, drowning out the calls
Birds cry blue jays, sparrows, even the exotic
Woodpecker in mourning over all which is lost
A raped and stripped wood side stands with
Traces of the ones who walked it before
Raccoon tracks, deer, even fox have been
Invaded like a place to conquer and put our
Mark on in the whiz and sound of taking them
Away, traces of wildflowers and ancient grains
Reach for your hand to hold and are left empty
Remember, can you being a child in the field
Touching each and every head, united with
Mother Earth in a way you have now forgotten
Buried underneath the hurry and bustle of your
Travels, see the fragile unity you once held
In tiny fingers of wonder and love of the day
Regain this walk with Creation before it is
Gone, before we walk the concrete emptiness
Forgetting it was from this we were once a
Part of the community of Earth, Sky, Sea