Love is...

Everyone thinks love is some squishy, mushy tender thing, and in some ways it is. It is also harder than any iron, tougher than any diamond. This is what 1 Corinthians 13 is telling us. When everything else has failed love survives. It is the root of a quest novel in the battle of good and evil. It is the salvation story come to us through the racy Song of Solomon. 

Love survives all and it is bigger than any mystical thing. We might think science or thought or money or powers make up what is most important, yet Paul says without love they are nothing. Nothing. This may be why we make such a big deal about a wedding. Why we come to the church and celebrate the sacred love that made us. Love is all. 

The love we celebrate today with you has been and always will be a part of making us one with another. The first start of recognizing we need relationship. We cannot survive without love in our lives. 

Love is enduring. It lasts beyond the vows of today and into an uncertain future, a future which starts with today. Love is hope filled. We dream when we are loved. Dream of the tomorrows, dream of today, dream of seeds born from this love still yet to sprout. Love believes in itself and each other. Even when it seems all is lost love keeps the seeds of what is said today alive. It believes yet again love will endure. 

So we come together today as family, as a community, in faith of what we witness. We come to support your love. To say yes once again to our own vows. To the faith we have in loves endurance. To the belief of the wonder of life and to the story we know which has proven again and again, love wins. 

Blessings on this life you have chosen to celebrate today with us. Keep the faith of its seed on the darkest days. Believe  love will endure. Know love wins and it will survive all else.