The most rises from the mountains
  a beauty in shroud and veil
Setting yearning in the soul
  as a rising starts inside 
Longing to be set free
  into the clouds on the trees
Touching earth in gentle folds
  wanting so much more
For the beauty to be preserved
  safe for all the age
This treasure of our island home
  in danger of losing its beauty
Cause we don't care and teach
  others it's ok not to want
The violence of what I want
  now and no concern
For the greater good of
  community, which is
On display in the mists
  rising above the trees
Touching earth with such
  gentle fingers of love
Connection made known in the
  interdependence of cooling
Set in motion by rains
  nourishing the floor we are
Connected it cries through the
  call of the hawk
On the wings of the Great Heron
  in the tips of the trees 
Remember the we will do more
  than just an i ever can