Psalm 63:1-8; Exodus 3:1-15

There are things we long for, yearn for. Things which touch our souls deeply. We want to find the place where we won't long to know and be known, to sit with loved ones gone, to be healed in our deepest part. The Psalmist describes our basic yearning for God as a deer pants for the water. The place where it is peaceful, where the deer can drink and be filled. It is driven there in the early morning, at night, when the need arises. Going to the water hole doesn't happen all day but only when thirst drives them there. 

You can see the paths in the forest where they cut through the brush or tall grass so often they have made a narrow trail right to the banks. It is not only their access but all the other animals in the woods use these well worn trails to come to the water to drink. Their need for them takes them on these narrow paths. Just enough room for hoof or pad, not quite enough for a human body. 

We long for God to fill us. Not every single hour of every day, but when we find ourselves most alone and most wandering. Moses is on the path, has traveled through or in the wilderness tending the sheep. He sees this site and knows he must turn aside from his regular route and look at this burning bush. He encounters holy ground, he encounters God and he yearns to have an inkling of control over this wild event that will plunge him back to where he grew up and then killed a man. "Who are you" and God responds "I will be what I will be". Not quite the answer yet some part of longing to be known has been touched and Moses can go from there changed and equipped to set the Hebrews free. 

There was an article this week about a woman whose father died when she was three years old. She yearned for her father all her life. Telling stories about him to her children and in this way a part of him went on for those children he never knew. Longing for the things which bring us love assured. The strong bonds which take us to our deepest places of hurt, loss, and discovery. 

It is no small thing to yearn so. It is not something we need to deny, but something we need to acknowledge. When we do we realize our own roots of connection to all of God's creation. We realize more fully God's love for ourselves so we in turn can show that love to others more fully. Revealing our need and vulnerability for the Source of it all in the  simple substance of water. It cannot be held, it cannot be possessed, it drives everything downstream that is light, it is the thing which we take into ourselves for life. Isn't it worth acknowledging our basic need. We long for you God, show is our souls worthiness reflected in the pools of your love.