Walking together

We may not agree, we may not see the same things
We agree to walk along the same road as companions
It means we will not see the same obstacles 
We will be there to help one another through it all
Each one not hand in hand singing lovely songs
With each other stepping out in faith on an unknown path
Expecting we might learn from one another 
Not that one is better, smarter, stronger because
We each have a little of what the other lacks 
If we choose to truly walk together in love, in hope
Only then can we overcome the struggle of a narrow
Road an only way where the paths diverge 
You walk one way and I walk another, this is not
Walking together, it is only in being partners 
On the road that we might've learned the better truth
Together we are stronger even when we don't agree
Together we are better because we compliment 
One another, together we might be more faithful
Then we are alone, after all it was two one the 
Emmaeus road and two recognized Jesus in
Breaking bread maybe we will recognize him in broken hearts