I'm down at the bottom of a well,
  Far away from you and the question. 
This is not something you talk about
  Like an everyday conversation
Did he hit you? From so far away
  You don't understand, it's not a 
Whether he did or didn't, it's not
  About what happened or didn't 
He stole something from me and
  Those are gone, a deeper violation
Then can be imagined or explained
  In a simple yes or no, talking about it
Is complicated, a place I have to be
  Willing to visit, and I have done so
Not knowing what would be asked,
  Surrounded by the witnesses of those
Who have no voice because it was taken
  And still is taken, as I watch on the 
Sidelines, reporting when I can, holding,
  Talking to those still in with the abuse
Casual conversation doesn't meet the 
  Dignity of a human soul, so treat it
More like the sacred story, of someone
  Who lost it all in order to find everything