Have we lost our way in the dark
  thinking only of us, ourselves
  what is important only to me
Have we forgotten how to bind 
  the wounds, caring for another
  in service to our beat up neighbor
    giving more than we have to care
  opening our hearts and not passing
By on the other side, justified
    In or own rightness
Have we lost the capacity for healing
  telling the stories, rejoicing on the 
     bleakest of days and knowing
  others are there who understand
Do we always default to the old record
  song of us, ours, my rights
    or can we hear the pleas on silent
   wings as others die in our blindness
Can we remember to care
  can we hear the others cries
    can we open our hearts 
Listen, did we miss a revealing
  of the Divine
    in a stable
    in the cold
    in a place far from home
  scared of what is to come
A hope in vulnerability