Deep within, echo the sound
  pray for the depths of peace
    come from the wells within
Deeply met, soul bared
  a prayer for our time
    one for the human family
Hurt is heard far and wide
  grief from the depths of knowing
     pray for peace found in a refugee
Lord, have mercy,
  hear the cries,
    a hurting world lifts up to You
Teach us Your love
  find us in our wounds
    lifting our souls in brokenness 
The offering a hurting world
  has to give, beyond rhetoric,
    beyond defense
Help us to live into the fabric
  of the human family
    where a woman at a well is loved
Deeply, even though she is not
  the same religion,
    only a distant relation
Plant this live in the
  wellspring of our heart
    to strive to be like You. Amen.