Taken back to pathways ancient,
Followed in another lifetime,
The strong scent of evergreen,
Memories of ferns, smell of
Sweet grass beside the river,
Sound of rain on roof, warm under
Blankets as daddy lights the fires,
Taking off the chill and yet once they
Are started we are up, time spent 
Talking to the gorbies, Canada Jay,
Feeding on the edge of the deck,
Hoping for a close encounter, tied up
In the beauty of being deep in the woods,
Away from everything, surrounded by
The hardness of living, hauling water,
Righting the outhouse, walking a good
Part to Bible Point where Roosevelt 
Walked and we visited, all back in
The woods, a retreat and a treat to 
The memory of being led to rest in the
Soft pine droppings, led back to 
Memories sweet, fragrant, grace