Power and control

Shove, push, anyway you can get there
The top is the goal, more of everything
The most, things, empty things, don't 
Surrender keep protected, things won't
Stop until you want the latest, best 
Better improved emptiness and longing
Want consumed and thrown away with
Little thought as to where it goes, a treasure
No more, spent and used up, not wanted

The treasures of heaven can't be kept
They are loose, not attainable, you have
To attune yourself to meet, in silence,
In service, in the everyday wonder of the
World around us, in the people we meet
In the created worlds beauty, surrounding
Us with reminders of Gods love and mercy
Things only the heart can take in and not
Grasp all have to do with risk, slowing down
Observing the holy and sacred when it meets
Us and finding the gift buried within, a pearl