We break, crying, wondering why
  Surrender recognizes our brokenness,
Our reliance on something bigger than
  Ourselves, we are not all we need
We are pieces of a whole surrounding us
  With the comfort of Spirit, a companion
If we never break, we never fully realize
  Compassion is in us, strong, tender 
Holding on to the jumbled mess we are
  Loving where we are met in the gap
An imperfect soul, knowing with all the
  Cracks is beauty come alive, a mark
To remind we somehow made it, with 
  God's help we did not heal on our own
It was too deep, too hard, too much 
  We lifted up our helpless self and tried,
Tried to do it on our own, we weren't 
  Complete until the surrender, the lifting
Acknowledgment of not being able to 
  Heal ourselves, only in surrender
Allow the healing strength from above
  Knowing we are safe in the arms of love