Planned Parents

When I was a young college student and wanted a little more independence, planned parenthood was there for my healthcare. Sliding fees helped me so I was able to afford services. They helped me to discover the beauty and mystery of my inner body, which had never been revealed before by any doctor I had been to. They helped me to love me more fully and isn't that supposed to reflect how we love our neighbor? The fact is planned parenthood helped me through hard times, when I left my abusive husband and needed healthcare. When I found out I was pregnant they directed me where to go to in order to receive WIC, and other services to make sure I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. They've supported me at critical times in my life, if they just disappeared today where does that leave all the women like me? Where do we go now? Who will take care of us? Who will reveal the wonder of being a women? Do you care about us who are trying to make our way?