In the morning dew, glimmering in the light
In the sound and click of bugs, the call of birds
In the cool of morning, drenched in light abide
Be still soaking in the air, the moist, beginning

In the dark a silence settles around like a blanket
In the stars above is dancing, flying, fleeting glimpses
In the call of night bugs, noisy sounds of yearning
Hush and still, be apart, drinking in the dark end

In the middle heat surrounds us, walking, searching
In the heat we look for coolness dipping in the stream
In the stillness watching fish, seeing bugs delight
Seeking out the treasures around us amidst the day

In all this we are living, walking, discovering
Different waypoints on the journey, life alive
In the calls of hearts we see you midst the loveliness
Ever seeking out you in stranger, found in life