I'm sorry

I'm sorry, already, to the few of you for which this is a problem
There is nothing I would do to correct it, no steps I can take to 
Soften the blow, and yet some will be very offended and 
You just can't keep it to yourself, it comes out of your eyes
Accusing, hateful, judgment at being made to endure 
I'm sorry God made me a woman, I'm sorry that for you
It seems impossible God called me, I'm sorry your sensibilities
Are offended, I'm sorry you'll ruin this day for yourself, I have
Never spoken of this aloud and you don't, it just radiates
From you in ignoring me, in not accepting the welcome or hand 
Outstretched and it hurts because I grieve for this loved 
One too, because I have held hands, kissed cheeks,
Been by the bed for days, weeks, months and never saw
You, but today you will shut me out, even when reached out
To in love and I don't know who loses more God or you and I