Our will or?

Mark 3:20-35

Our will, it is what all of the texts today hint at. In First Samuel the prophet thinks it's about rejecting him, God tells him it is about the people rejecting God. They want predictability in becoming like the kingdoms around them, so they need an earthly king.

In Mark we have the Scribes come in because they believe Jesus has caused so much chaos with the crowds following him everywhere that they need to label him Beelzebub. He's working for the other team. Even his family gets in on the act when they hear he hasn't eaten properly.

It is hard to let go. Let go of control, let go of concrete, tangible things and instead encounter God. In AA there is a phrase that says "Let go and let God". It is meant to remind us that we are not in control as relatives, as the alcoholic, as friends we are not in control.

How can we let go? What is our own thing that challenges us to find Godd will? Letting go means we don't want to be like everyone else. Letting go means we have to listen deeply and carefully and even make mistakes about our direction with God. Letting go means we prayerfully consider the options. Are we brave enough to do this?

I have heard of churches in the United Church of Christ who have tried to listen and discern the Spirit about becoming open and affirming churches by holding discussions with the church in which they listen to everyone present with no comments on someone's outpouring. It means even listening to children and what they have to say. It means truly listening to everyone.

Some comments I have heard about this process as a way for us to listen to God is that it takes too long to hear everyone. If you never call a decision and only listen when do you come to a decision? Fear of losing control keeps us from experiencing this way of listening. It takes time, it's messy, it does mean that something deeply happened within those churches because everyone felt heard, every opinion valued, and a stronger bond was made with parishioners through this listening.

Do we dare to open ourselves to discerning Gods will for us? Do we truly want to listen deeply, hear everyone, and open ourselves to the working of Spirit even in children? Will we let go and let God?