Can you get in the boat?

2 Corinthians 6:1-13; Mark 4:35-41

Can you get in the boat?
Even with all the uncertainties
Jesus has to offer, crowds hounding,
Your every turn, wandering through
Gentile lands, mixing with others
Who are not your own, feeding thousands.

Can you get in the boat?
Trusting on one no matter what
Trial, or grief, or sorrow Jesus is
Somehow there, having faith even when
The way seems dark, only leading to
Dead ends can you live even in death?

Can you get into the boat?
Even when the unexpected storms come,
While you feel your prayers come back
Unanswered, is Jesus asleep, can God
Not hear your plea, know the danger
You are in, can you have faith like a mustard seed?

Can you get into the boat?
Because somehow even with this list of
Promises, you can see how Jesus turns
Everything on its head, sorrow to joy,
Death to life, the false to true, the foolish
To wise, the unknown to known, the poor to rich.

Can you get into the boat?
Trusting, having faith, believing
In the promises of good, even in the
Face of so much bad, because nothing,
Nothing at all separates us from love,
This is one thing is the treasure of the passage.