Holding on

Tears drop watering the garden around the tomb
Water in a desert place streams around a face
Broken by the weight of sorrow, by the violence
Of being taken without cause, innocent because
of all the good which came from him, even though
They labeled him king, or as one equal to God,
They did not understand that power is so different
There was no threat, only to their illusions of
Controlling people, controlling the faith, they
Missed what was most important and so the tears
Abound, but wait, is that something strange,
Two in white, please tell me where he is so I
Can bring him back, so the tears and sorrow
Are full, and then another come to offer help,
Please tell me where, and then through the
Fog is my name in the voice I know, now it
Will be new, now we will be different, now
We are in the presence of God's resurrected love