Please choose me, choose to work a healing breath,
Choose to touch a fragile heart, reach out and choose.
Say, "I do" so we may see your hands reached out
Beyond the ways we think, before cleansing, before
Sin, before judgment enters in, choose to heal our
Warring cheers, choose to see the true depths of
Who we are, choose not to label, curse, or ignore
Choose to heal us now. We have to choose also,
Choose life, choose health, choose to walk a bit
In the same ways of love we have been shown
Deeply abiding in the grace of wings that cover
Healing is a choice we make, not one set of hands
Are outstretched, two are met widely embracing
Bringing to each other the link which comes from
Opening ourselves to another, healing is born
In vulnerability of both God and us, so open your
Arms, open your heart, open your soul and begin