Far off a lone figure from the boats, they went to do what was familiar
Trying to make the events make sense, how do we possibly go ahead
From this place, from utter failure, from fear, from death and find
Our way through confusing shades of emotion born because 
Something strange has happened and we see him, but he is not with us
So we fish, because we know how to do that, because we can wrestle
With tangible things and not the intangible weight of emotions
Which threaten to bring is down and make us fall apart
Yet there is a figure, the beloved recognizes him first
We are awash with struggling to bring in the catch and getting
To shore so we don't miss another opportunity to fellowship
Breakfast is waiting when we arrive, are we fed more than mere 
Bread and fish? Will we ever be normal? Or do we just continue
On this rise of emotion waiting for the Spirit to calm this storm