The Way

We should walk the way of hardness, the way of disgrace
Knowing we are loved beyond measure to take up a cross
To not be the dominate, to not expect privilege, we should
Know this way does not bring rejoicing, or hails and hosannas,
We should feel the weight of our sin when we oppress,
When we insist on our way, when we are not ashamed by
What we do, when we do not identify with the poor, the
Marginalized, the ones who need to be shown grace and
Mercy, where we should not feel comfort, but sorrow for
What we have created and taken for granted, walking
The way is not easy, we were never promised that, nor
Were we promised a supreme reign over others, but were
Asked to humble ourselves, to wash feet, to serve, just
As we were richly served and taken care of in our own
Brokenness, did we loose our path forward? Find us.