Maybe fruits off a plant or tree are hard to identify.
Maybe its just because people want to deny there
Are fruits ripening. Maybe its because they don't
Want to look too close because they have already
Judged it as rotting and no good. It is such a general
Thing to look at another's vineyard and judge
What is taking place, it may even be jealousy.
All we can do is work our own ground knowing
It is not for others to judge, not for us to get discouraged.
It is ours to work and tend and pray over, gently
Encouraging the growth until it one day sprouts.
We may never see the results, or we may see the
Small beginnings, signs of growth, signs that fruit
Is coming it is not in vain, don't give up just pick
Up and work on, knowing it is good work and
You are not forgotten in the rows there are
Others you can't see tending the one further off.
Encouraging, praying, working we are all a piece
Of the One who sent us in and called us to tend.