The cry of alarm goes up from ahead and it is hard to tell
Whether there is some actual threat or if it is just the
Noise that surrounds, coming in from the traffic, loud 
Clearly heard and you have to really listen closely in order
To hear the birds, the squirrels, anything at all raising 
It's song from the earth and we are all caught up in the 
Busyness of life again, the world has not stopped in spite
Of the cry gone up, less and less heed the warning cry
Of inequality because we listen again and again to empty 
Rhetoric, victim blaming, this is not a good example
And the friend lists ten that aren't and it hits deep in
When will we listen to the warning cry, hear the danger
Of not taking heed to the call, aren't we supposed to be 
About the work God has given us to do and raise the call?
Where does it fit in our practice to just sit and listen while
Others are wounded and die, so we can sit in comfort 
And never hear the warning cry of the heart of God