The darkness yawns in front of me and I am scared
It is complete and I don't know what may greet me
Are you friend or foe, do you have good intentions?
Are you animal, hungry and yowling in the night?
Are you my own deepest fear come to greet me,
Make me wrestle and struggle with the things
Inside of my own dwelling and sometimes 
Those are worse than an animal or a foe because
We cannot grasp and wrestle with a firm body
Instead we struggle in our own skin trying to make peace
When it comes hard won night is not the fear
The darkness has only covered the bits of us 
We'd rather not see and we find our friend 
Darkness has brought us to a deeper edge 
Understanding and God found in the midst
Be not afraid it echoes through the ages so turn
And wrestle in the dark it is only your souls healing