The scent draws to memory times gone long by
Smells from the past connect to scenes in the
Cabin in the woods, removed from all but family
Baths in a big round tub by the fire, walks to
The spring to collect water, walks through
The woods trying to be a deer and then the
Encounter with the doe standing right in front
Of us, or the beavers tale slap on the way to
Bible point, dad slapping back and thoughts
That he could talk to the animals, then the
Falls and walks on the bridge, or dad teaching
The ways we must notice the landmarks and
Always to walk downriver if you are lost,
You will eventually meet people, always
Learning connected to the land, the seeds
Planted and i replant them in my children
Because patience comes from becoming,
Listening comes from understanding, and
Seeing is a spiritual practice in the reaches
Of the memory, rich with being one in
This world among many