I am only human, you push me away, shut me out
Close the door in my face, and I don't know what
To do or where to go, the rejection is apparent,
The hurt is there, and then you come wanting
Regular conversation, as if nothing ever happened,
All is regular and fine, but I am still hurt and
Want to draw up in my shell of protection
And you don't understand why, or I trust your
Warmth and as soon as I come out you slam me
Again with pickles and barbs, this is not a game
Nor is it a test of endurance, I am only human
And I will protect my inner self, because I need
To heal too, so realize when you push too hard
The reception will be chilly, I am not perfect
Nor can I recover well when told of my unhealth
I am only human and that is all I can be