I wish I could sing you love's healing song
You look so tired, lost and confused, tossed
About by doubt that you are really God's child
And of worth without him, I can see he is wearing
You down, wearing away that you we are trying
To restore and yet I know too it has to be your
Choice because with Christ's love comes that
Freedom to choose, it is not like his manipulative
And destroying, consuming your true being and
Hating what is exposed, no this love lives in
Gentle waiting, praying you might catch a
Glimpse of the worth in its healing balm, so
You will come to know the God piece inside
You that can unlock all fear, can make you
Fight for your worth, and with it will inspire
You to die for it because the glimpse of it
Is worth fostering and worth freeing yourself
From the chains of death that bind you into
Believing you are not worth it, yet Christ has
Claimed you long ago and patiently waits for
You to hear his love song