Good News

They ride the streets bringing good news
Love heals you are not lost, come and join
See where love will heal your aching body,
Your scarred soul, your image that has been
Destroyed and consumed by those who don't
Care fully and don't want you to know true
Love because they confuse it with becoming
Fused on to another in taking away your freedom
And selling your body then get you high to
Forget all the pain and it just sits deeper, hidden
By the shadow of not knowing until you are too
Tired, too spent, too much to care anymore until
You surrender to the care from above, love heals
Love that does not take for itself, gives back
Your wounded self to take piece by piece and
Put together the dramatic story of hope, of forgiveness,
Of love unbound in health, because true healing
Only comes from confronting the dark places
Within when we feel safe and love can heal