There is a photo circulating on Facebook about returns to WalMart of toys donated to programs to help poor people. The photo states that all the shopping carts are full (3 to be exact) because the parents came and returned the toys for beer and cigarettes. I have looked this up on and the say this is probably untrue. First of all snopes states it is hard to substantiate any of it.

For those of my friends reporting this please think. Most programs give people what they have requested and it comes to the home wrapped. Unless parents are unwrapping presents before the holidays how is this possible? Next if this is actually happening I pray the town it is in has a great supportive rehab program. If you have that many alcoholics in your community you have a whole town with a huge problem. Another issue that leads me to think this is untrue.

Lastly you really want to encourage people to punish children for Christmas? Snopes states that most programs are not able to reach the demand for toyless, giftless homes for Christmas. God abundantly gave to us. We are to abundantly give out of what we have been given. Today I go for the third year to hand out toys at Mount Calvary Powerhouse Church. Yes, there are sometimes I have to advocate for a child, but in terms of the numbers that walk through the door that is few. Children leave fed and happy for the gifts they receive, this is all that matters. Each child receives one toy and then either shoes or a coat, each family gets a basket of food for Christmas. People stand out in the cold, the rain, and in snow to receive. How can we limit how God works in all of our lives?