Christmas come

Christmas come, into a world that needs the promised hope
Of dreams fulfilled of peace and goodwill to all, of letting
Captives free, letting the blind see, the lame walk and skip.
Christmas come with your hope and joy to a weary strife
Torn world, teach us that this does not last one day and is
The work of a lifetime where we strive for healing and love.

Christmas come, come into the dark alleys, the fearful places
Of violence, where people are driven into the best places
To hide, hoping for life and calm, to be able to be free.
Christmas come and take root in our lives to be lived out
In bringing the hope of the ages to hard places and open
The byways of peace and safety to a war torn world.

Christmas come down wrapped in swaddling bands
Rejected by so many, even family, laid aside in a smelly,
Stinky place with the animals, not fit to be born in comfort.
Christmas come as we are reminded of what it is to be
Homeless, dependent on a hand outstretched in kindness
Teach us to be those hands outstretched for all your children.

Christmas come roll in the justice promised, where other
Is only in the mind and we see with the eyes of humanity
How connected we are even worlds away as sisters and brothers.
Christmas come reminding us of human family in shepherds
Come from the fields, the most unlikely visitors, yet come
On the promise of angels of something new come down.

Christmas come with the hope, joy, peace, and love we
Anticipate is there for everyone, we want to believe
The question is can we act, act as if it comes everyday.
Christmas come and bear in us the willingness to see
The babe, to open our arms wide to all that is unlikely,
To act in the kindness of a cattle shed and open doors.