Can I tell this much, will they believe my voice?
I don't lie on purpose, I have to know if you will believe.
I have to know that you won't freak out or tell me
How stupid I am because I already know that story.
It is told to me everyday, so maybe if I say that,
It is something you can handle hearing, then maybe
I can trust you with mire of my story. I know its not
Normal, I know I'm not safe, but if you push too far
Too fast I can't catch up. I need time to brace myself
For what will come if I leave. I need a whole plan
And even then there are unknowns on the road
That will take time getting braced for. I will pay for
Leaving him, I know I will pay. You can't tell me differently
Because I've lived too long with changing rules never
Knowing what the next safe thing is to do. So if I
Stay don't wonder I just know where the safe zone lies.
It may be a hard and frustrating journey, but you have
To live with my doubt because there is no justice.
Especially when there are children, you never completely
Escape and you have to be ready at all times for death.
Do you ever take chances like that? Don't ask me to
Then unless your really willing to walk with me and
Be in danger of hearing my truth because no one knows

It but me.