They took off the roof for him, lowered him down in the midst of the crowd.
Trusting him to another's care, they were friends, thinking of the other
So they trusted that Jesus wouldn't ignore him, trusted that Jesus would heal.
So many things could have been said, but the unexpected is the one said first.
His sins were forgiven, why the sin and not an instant healing?
Because the weight of unworthiness keeps us from accepting the healing
Power of God's love. Like a weight around our neck, the man would have known
It from the people who passed by, knowing his sin was great since he couldn't
Walk. Yet Jesus makes him feel worthy first, isn't this why the Pharisees fuss.
No one can forgive, isn't this our problem? Do we only see the sin and forget
The person made in the image of God? Do we truly see the kernel of light within?
If we would only see with God's eyes the child in front of us maybe we could forgive.