Words wrap around words it is not plainly seen
God is not revealed in bold statements or petty
Words of right and wrong, it is more complicated
Revealed only by observing and walking with
Those closest to the margins, those no one cares
To acknowledge or show a kind hand to
Also in simple elements bread, water, wine
To ask for the revealing to be obvious, to stand
Out goes against all that is wrapped in what we don't
Know because God chooses the time and place
The way we see, we cannot gain it by force
It just comes as we wait, while we pray, when we
Hold hands, as we listen deeply, or sing loudly
Even then it is only a glimpse, a careful succinct
Revealing of what is important at this time and place
In our lives, there will be many revealings we just
Have to be patient and all the time listen until
Time stops and we are still enough to be