Do you know

Did you hear my voice today?
Was it in the grocery store,
Or the person you visited with,
Or the beggar on the street?
Did you listen deeply to recognize,
Hearing the words I had for you?
Did you hear my voice?

Did you see me today?
I was standing on the street corner,
Waiting for someone to see me.
I was in the park under the tree
Just wanting to be recognized.
I was in the hospital bed waiting,
Hoping you would truly open your eyes.
Did you see me today?

Did you know that in the simple,
Ordinary things you have encountered me?
You only have to open your eyes,
Open your ears, look for the times
Where the holy surrounds you and
Envelopes you in precious, ordinary,
Simple time. Pay attention and you will
Begin to know when you encounter God.