Let my cry come to you because no one else hears.
It is lonely, the curtains are drawn in fear, he attacked
One afternoon, I saw the tracks in the sand.
Following them and he came out grabbing me.
Force kissing me and I knew I would pay for leaving.
I pulled and pulled, but could not release the grip.
He kept saying he loved me, like he was proving
It when he would threaten to pound my face or
Break my things, or hurt the children, this is
Terror not love as fingers go around your throat
Your sure you've breathed your last and darkness
Starts to take hold, he lets go and runs. He was
Discovered by a neighbor, yet this is what it means
To leave. The police take no pictures, no document
Of your abuse exists, some believe it is only in
Your head because you want a better divorce
Settlement. As if you are gaining one thing but fear.
So let my cry come to you, Lord. Let it be heard.
Let my voice not grow silent and may I live to breath freedom.