The truth is lost in the silence
It is over-powering and needed
In order to keep power and control
Of the situation because silence breeds
No answers, no healing, not beginning
The silence leaves the tension in the air
Control given in the name of protection
When it is actually adding insult to the injury
Then stand in the midst crying for truth or
Some specter of it, some shadow to hold
You would like the truth interpreted to your
Own devices, silence is deadly though
Instead it has brought out its own truth
Those who will stand and be silent no more
Asking for a dialogue, a type of reconciliation
Something we have to wrestle with so that no one
Stands scared in their own neighborhood
The question resounds for us to answer
Will we stand, will we cry out, will we not
Support the silence and dig for truth no matter
The cost, no matter what we find, even if
The telling haunts us, changes us, and makes us new