We meet God whereever we are at. 
It does not take some magic, mystical
Way or chance. God is where we are at
Any moment, any time, any name by which
We call on. God is there in the morning sunrise,
The evening sunset, in rain, snow, storm. 
We are not left alone invincible, not vulnerable
Because God is there standing with us. 
God is there when the light fades from our eyes. 
God is there in the deepest of need and 
On the days we feel we have conquered the world. 
God is in the sorrow of loss, in the pain of war,
In seeking peace, and in misunderstanding. 
God is there when truth hits us hard. 
God is always there to love and guide,
Offer a hand, giving free comfort and relief. 
God is there we just need to learn to see
With new eyes that we are not alone.