We look for the sun today and only see rain. The humidity is high and it is already hot. There are doubts about whether we can make the journey to the landing at Waymeyer in one car. We're not sure which kayak the tube will be tied to. We are already excited about the journey today. 

Michael has already asked about the spot that is a hard spot in the rapids. I explained that there is plenty of steering options available with the kayak where there were none with his tube. Still we look forward to the journey. The journeys we make hone our skills, test our knowledge, and strengthen us in finding our way the next journey we take. 

Our journey with God is no different. We make plans and sometimes things don't go our way. We discover things about ourselves and about God that we didn't know. These encounters change and strengthen us for new encounters on the journey. We become changed from who we were when we started out and somehow so does God in the light of all we learn. May we never be afraid of where the journey leads.