Don't give me your flash and swagger.
Your thirst for power and control.
All the words seem hollow as you
Dance and sway on the stage
There are things deeply true
But they are held on the edges
Never making it to light in your world.
I am not afraid to be the smallest
It doesn't scare me. Remember
Israel was chosen not for power and might
But because it is the smallest. Only the small
Learn deep things about who they are
And whose they are. They relearn that
Being the majority did us no favors.
We learn more by being the minority.
More about true power and surrender.
There is something in not controlling
The swell of the tide, which is profoundly
different. We are not dependent on the
Short wave of popularity, we are
Upon the God of light and life.
So don't sell God short with tales of loss
In this life, God has already had poverty,
Already had small and it didn't phase
God one bit. Throw down the idol
Of bigger, majority, our way and you may
Just come to see God's way on the horizon.