Trying to find the way to peace, yet failing
The odds are fairly stacked against it
Because violence is met with more violence
White is sent in against black and no room
Is left for understanding or grace
The places where sanctuary should be are closed
No path to normalcy can be made yet
Which means we need to use new ways forward
Ways we don't normally take, ways to listen,
Ways of reconciliation instead of might and
Only one way right, where are the reports of
Trying to find these places of deepest
Sanctuary, where are the cries? Do we only
Focus on the violence as if that will bring any
Relief? We have shown ourselves to be no
Better than the places where war and striking
Back for each injury are happening
Pray to find the pathways of hope, demand
The laying down of arms on all sides, might
Does not silence the story, don't take away the voices
Let us hear the cry and find the gap of understanding