Right now there are many birds outside talking. I know it is summer here because there are no ducks or geese in the lake, the great blue heron is fishing, and the green heron is skirting the shore. When winter comes the heron are gone, the ducks and geese return, and the bald eagle flies over. 

Today Joshua (Joshua 3:14-4:7) has the 12 appointed tribe leaders pick up stones out of the Jordan so they will be able to remember to tell their children of the story of their passing to the promised land on dry ground. It seems like such a small act, yet with it they show a sacred sign of story. A sacred act that helped those who might not swim, an act that enabled all to pass through safely. 

I go past churches and read there signs but this does not give me a good picture of who they are. I go past people in the world and hear what they say about God and the bible yet this still does not give me a picture of who they are. I watch others and I can see by their kindness and love that they have experienced good news. It is the sign I look for not the words. How do you live?