This week we are looking at the gifts God has given each of us. We are using Madeleine L' Engel's A Wrinkle in Time as the basis of the bible school. I was telling someone the other day how we have no real confrontation with evil in this script this year. I think sometimes that people like to emphasize all the positive and highlight none of the negative.

As we watched the movie yesterday the children are having to confront the darkness for the first time. It brings up their own doubts and insecurities about their particular gifts, until they look back at home and Meg remembers how much she misses her dad. Now she is ready to fight the darkness.

We all confront periods of darkness and doubt in our life. Our gifts are how we get through those times. Looking to find the answers in many places, struggling with our questions, and finally coming to terms with something new. Whether it is learning more about who we are or who God is they all come at hard junctures. We mustn't be afraid to confront those times and we mustn't back away from equipping our young people either. This means today I will be taking a hard look at our ending and make some changes.