It's all around me right now, the diversity of life. We have seen green springs, blue spring, different catapillars, birds, and fish. All make the forest beautiful. 

When I was a girl we would travel to Lewiston to shop. I loved going there to just listen. All around you on the mall conversation was happening in English and French, it was such fun to hear it. There were even store clerks who could speak to their costomers in it. Now there is no French spoken when I go to the mall there. They have all learned English. 

Now there is a new community from Somalia who knows a different language and the people complain about these new immigrants. Have they forgotten this city has done this once before? Is there no one willing to learn the language and have it spoken in the marketplace?

Diversity is how God created us. If it exists in nature and they live side by side how can we not see it?  When we speak of the young people sent here from the border we should remember this as well as ask the question, what would drive someone to send their child away?  These are children, will we turn them away from our doors on principle to punish who? The children? 

Today's gospel is about the sheep and the goats from Matthew 25:31-46. It seems appropriate to remember this text as we state unwelcome to the least of these. It is our responsibility to take care of these and to welcome the diversity God created.