My calves ache today from our hike yesterday. I know this is good for me that the exercise has strengthened muscles maybe even stretched them a bit. 

When we ache inside we don't always look at that as good or healthy. Yet if we keep plunging through and into it we may find things that help us grow. 

With my legs today if I decide they ache too much then I could just sit around until they don't hurt anymore. This doesn't help that ache and will probably only increase it. So I have to walk today maybe even swim with the boys and treat it as a normal day. By doing this the ache will go away. 

It's the same within. The more I avoid the things which bring discomfort the more they hurt when I encounter them again. If instead I take them to God in prayer and try to find out what the source of the ache is the stronger I become within. Maybe it's a desire I have or a way I think the world should work all of theses can be lifted up to God and healed as long as I am honest and willing to look at the pain. If we truly believe God is within we can face these challenges of strengthening our daily walk.