It's okay to lean on us
we are not here to judge
We are companions on a road
not traveled well or long
We are not here to evaluate
you and your grief
Because these ways are many
and vary in each person
Length of time, type of care,
all the baggage of our
Previous messy selves comes
out and is made known
Grief runs out like rivers,
the bowl of tears to drink
We wonder how we'll ever go on,
how we'll press through
Nothing is normal, or the same
as it once was and we
Are forced into spaces of
being reborn into a new world
One without the touch, care,
the routine we had and yet
We must press on, drink deep
of this cup we never wanted
So we empty it, empty ourselves
and trust we have done what
We needed to do so we may
somehow find the way again
Because in loss we learn the
precious gift of life in relationship
With others and if we stop,
if we only stay here we are
Robbed of experiencing the full
blossom of life lived to the brim
Even Jesus made every day count
not looking ahead frozen
By the days loss, but seeing the
next time we will all meet again