God within

How many times do we just pass it by ignoring the God within? Yesterday as I was driving I thought about this 100 billion acts of peace that I saw on Twitter. How would you start little acts of peace around you? They have been doing daily challenges, cleaning up a park stuff like that. As I was driving it occurred to me what a wave to someone means. We open ourselves up to greeting when we wave or give a hello or give a hug. Just the small act of waving is huge. There was a man who was in the news for being outside his home waving to every car that passed. People would drive that way just to be waved at. Seeking this little act of God within this person in order to recognize the God within themselves. A simple wave says it doesn't matter who you are, what you've done, or where you've been you are acknowledged in welcome to the world. Isn't that what Jesus requires of a disciple to do a simple act of healing and kindness in a world that doesn't recognize it? Welcome to the world all you people!