Working toward

When we work toward reconciliation and peace doesn't it mean we have to do it in all areas of our life?  We can say we want peace and reconciliation for the whole, yet when we don't follow through into our own daily life this brings more challenges. Truly wanting this means opening ourselves to forgiveness in new and deeper ways. Actually listening to others and seeing our own part, even if it is just a small part, in the act they have done. Only then can we move toward reconciliation and peace. 

We do not forget wrongs done, nor do we put full trust and faith back in someone. The relationship is forever changed, yet it doesn't mean we sever it forever either. Somehow there are ways to put it to rest. That does mean making people accountable for their actions and not being afraid to speak the truth. It does mean we have a justice system that does not work this way and creates systems that keep unforgiveness and hurt so much a part of it. Because it is everyone who is harmed in the end. 

Can we dig deeply enough to create systems of reconciliation and peace?  Do we dare to take a leap of faith and start looking at our own roles in keeping systems that don't work towards this goal?  Do we dare to look deeply into ourselves as the creators of this?  Only in this way do we truly show God's love to the world.