We go to the tomb expecting to find within
All we have placed our hopes and dreams in.
Instead we find empty, dead things
Shells of a life which was and so
We start searching
Desperately trying to find
The Christ in our lives because surely He's there.
Not this dead silence and we run from it.
Closing ourselves off to the possibility
Of running into it.
Into the silence, into the emptiness, into our fear
Of things dead and gone the hollow shells
Which we made of life, lost in our own busyness.
A tomb of our own making
Hewn by our own hands
It takes courage to just stay and weep,
It takes strength to voice our doubts.
It takes bravery to face our fears.
Yet if we surrender and let it be born in us.
What will we see, what will we find in the remains
Might it be the answer we've been searching for