We only see the failings
pointing them out with careful precision
Making sure not one
is missed, making sure you know you never
Quite measure up,
make the mark, or hit the target
Til all you begin to see
is that you do not walk this way together
The path is always obstructed with more
More to do, more to become, more to explore
So instead of clearing away false brush
You begin not to hear the call of your failings
You know the strengths which reside in you
How much of yourself you can give to others
Without becoming a worn out shell
This is ok, for if you want to make the way possible
You have to settle for the things done well
The things of beauty you see spring up around you
In the eyes of others who walk the way
One small voice does not win a soul
It may tire and wear eventually not heard
Because of its isolation, its emptiness
This is the sadness of the reality
Where there is a world of hurt and unsteadiness
You see the pain of not, whatever not is
Not seeing God's grace or beauty
Limiting God to all the failings or
Dreams never seen or realized
Not hearing the deepest call of love
Which washes all failings to a pale
Ghost of nothing, because it is stronger
Than all the unexpressed words that fall