The hurt was long ago and far away.
I do not know it anymore
because I have let it float away.
I could have held it close
And I did those first days,
Weeks, months, year
Because it nursed the beast
Of not returning and closed the door
It seemed to make me strong
Until one day I realized
This thing I was nursing
Had grown inside and was
Reflecting back a different me
Someone who seemed an awful lot like
You, an abuser with only dark places
I didn't want that to happen
So I let the hurt begin to disappear
By remembering, telling a story
Even writing it all down in a book
With each page, with each retelling
With each encounter the hurts
Became lighter and turned into healing
Yes there are scars and yes there are
Times I struggle but the deeper
Burden has gone with the wind
Of love which has taken residence
Under it all telling a new story
One where I know my strength
And I know that came through seeing
Your pain, your hurt reflected in my own
We share a humanity we cannot deny
My choice has given me a new path