Prayers arise like incense
Sent along with places of peace, safety
Images seen do not reveal they exist
They are hard to find amidst all the violence.
Yet it must come, either that or ending up
As so many before, killing until there are no more
No more to kill, only women and children left
A remnant of what was, but stronger
Than the pictures which are coming now
Violence does not win the day, nor can it force
Your way to power, you will loose more than you gain.
Might does not make it if you look at the history
From other areas of violence, it ends instead
Because there is no one left to carry on
There is only the depths off loss, the memories
Of the wrong path taken by so many
So we pray for this to be learned of a kinder, gentler way
One that embraces all the hurt, all thee damaged story
And releases it, embracing one another
No longer blinded by what has been released
Looking yet toward a new way forward
Where you have created streams of peace.